Executive Board

TERM 2019

Chair Anssi Auvinen (main responsibility: NordicEpi2019 conference)
Professor (Epidemiology), University of Tampere and
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

Vice chair Pikka Jokelainen (main responsibility: FES board)
DVM, PhD, Adjunct Professor (Zoonotic Parasitology)
Statens Serum Institut, Denmark
Estonia University of Life Sciences, Estonia
University of Helsinki

Secretary Miia Artama
PhD, Adjunct Professor (Epidemiology)
Senior Researcher, National Institute of Health and Welfare

Treasurer Laura Saarelainen
PhD (pharm)
Consultant, epidemiology, StatFinn/EPID Research


Idil Hussein
MSc (Public Health)
Researcher, National Institute for Health and Welfare

Sanna Heikkinen
PhD (Public Health)
Senior researcher,Finnish Cancer Registry

Mika Gissler
PhD, Adjunct professor (Public Health)
Research Professor, National Institute for Health and Welfare
Professor (part time), Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Professor (part time), University of Turku


Jussi Sane (Social media)
PhD, Adjunct professor (Infectious Disease Epidemiology), University of Tampere
Chief Specialist, National Institute for Health and Welfare

Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen
Professor (Epidemiology), Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland

Sari Stenholm
PhD, Adjunct professor (Gerontology and Public Health)
Academy Research Fellow
Professor (Public Health and Epidemiology), University of Turku

Ilkka Vohlonen
PhD, Adjunct professor
Professor (Health Policy), University of Eastern Finland